Custom Art West gives an effective way to enrich a variety of environments. Sally Masteller is one of the best-known and well respected muralists in Southern California . She got her start at the age of 13 taking art lessons from a prestigious local museum and eventually formalized her talents by studying and graduating from Wheaton College with a Bachelor of Arts. She will transform your home or business with murals, trompe l'oeil and faux work custom designed to enhance your surroundings to your personal requests. Her work encompasses anything from an undersea paradise to scenes carried on from ancient artistic traditions such as seen in Egyptian tombs, Roman frescoes and medieval palaces. In her words, "I enjoy the synergy of working with my clients and I like the process of extracting their dreams and bringing them to life." Invite her to create a treasure for you and live in a timeless surrounding you will cherish for years to come.