About Us:

We opened for business in 2008 offering trade references and teaming together like-minded professionals. We have worked on residential and commercial projects with many diverse scopes of work. The foundation of our success has been to align beautiful designs, specify correct materials for costs and come up with creative solutions for challenging areas. Our many years in the building industry allow us to uniquely focus on important client needs and work with quality direct installation professionals. We have worked on many professional building tenant improvements, business offices, small retail and custom homes. In 2009 we added our art division to connect talented artists to the buyers. This unique facet helps our clients complete their projects in their full scope. Our mission is to provide a cost effective, quality design concept delivered correctly the first time.

Our Team

Michele Preston

Michele Preston, CID President and Director of Interior Design/Construction

Michele Preston, CID has a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University in Housing and Interior Environments. She is certified and has practiced interior design for 28 years in which she has worked on custom homes, multi-family projects, commercial offices and tenant improvements. She is a construction oriented interior designer with proven success orchestrating diverse interior and exterior design projects. She currently oversees business decisions, interior design projects and art projects through the art division.

Michele Wiemann

Michele Wiemann, Founder

Michele Wiemann has a Bachelor of Arts from the Interior Designers Institute of Newport Beach in Interior Design. She has practiced interior design for 25 years of her career which includes multiple residential projects and commercial offices. She currently manages positive growth opportunities for business development and helps make positive impact decisions for the company. Michele’s networking expertise has encouraged new relationships with industry professionals.

Tien Frogget

Tien Frogget, Graphic Designer and Photography

Tien Frogget is a third generation artist with a passion for creativity and beauty. She specializes in photography and graphic design and loves using her talents to promote others. She has been working closely with OC Designer Source since 2010 and does all of the in-house graphics and digital imaging as well as interior design photography. She is thrilled to be able to contribute to such a passionate team that is helping to make spaces more functional and beautiful.