Emelina Figueroa's Giclee Prints

Emelina Figueroa was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico with artistic passion. She began her formal instruction in Mexico with Olga Quinones who specialized in traditional European oil painting. She moved to the state of Arizona to complete her education including learning non-toxic printmaking methods under the instruction of Beth Lacour which influenced Emelina to incorporate health and environmentally friendly processes in her art approach. She brings life to each of her creations by pouring her feelings into her fingertips with what she calls Urbanic mixed media. The word Urbanic comes from the two words Urban and Organic which she has mindfully blended to form her unique signature. By blending environmentally friendly art materials with organic items she can recycle and reinvent ideas to create art that helps us connect with ourselves, nature and people around us. Emelina uses water based acrylic with organic recycled elements such as marble powder, sand, wood, seeds and coffee to form one of a kind textures which add interest and depth to her masterpieces. Her creations have been exhibited in National and International shows and galleries in which collectors from around the world have admired and purchased her work.

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Almost There

"Almost There"

Grounding Core (Print)

"Grounding Core (Print)"

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