The Vibrant Digital Art of Jerry Solomon

Solomon has always been an artist, and has painted with oils and acrylics for many years. Throughout his adult life, he often pursued a variety of creative endeavors, including being a sound engineer, a writer, a chef, as well as assembling food sculptures. In 2009, he published the book A Man's Guide to Food as Foreplay. It was only about five years ago that Jerry started doing enhanced photo art. He is self taught, gathering more information and knowledge each time he experiments with the computer to create new effects, learning as he goes. He finds that it often helps to have a variety of eyes around him who all see things in their own way, and he likes that everyone has their own unique perspective. Creativity has been a major theme for him throughout his whole life, as he comes from a family of artists. Each piece evolves on its own, beginning a certain way but always inevitably taking its own path until something completely new emerges. He loves that the creative process is always changing and evolving and each piece is brand new to him, a blank slate for him to create on. His biggest reward is seeing the final result when a piece is completed. Most of all, Jerry creates to see the reaction of others. He loves the expression on a person's face when they first discover a new piece. It gives him insight into the effect that his work has on them and inspires him to create more.

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Another Side of Midnight

"Another Side of Midnight"





Rainy Night City

"Rainy Night City"

Spot On

"Spot On"

Texture Under Pressure

"Texture Under Pressure"

Plumeria Frangipani

"Plumeria Frangipani"



Fragpani 2

"Fragpani 2"

Miami Reflections

"Miami Reflections"

Night Fragrance

"Night Fragrance"

Night Fragrances

"Night Fragrances"

Night Fragrances 2

"Night Fragrances 2"

Night Plumeria

"Night Plumeria"

One Moment

"One Moment"

Orchid & Glass

"Orchid & Glass"

Orchid Reflection

"Orchid Reflection"

Reflections Pool

"Reflections Pool"



Texture of Blue

"Texture of Blue"

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