Marsha Tudor Digital Photography

Marsha Tudor brings new work with a high resolution process in digital photography. She brings forth what would otherwise be hidden in nature displaying a wide range of interpretations of her subject. By using direct digital capture she explores translucency, reflection, back lighting and layering. Nature's vibrant and expressive organic masterpieces grow from an other-worldly garden explored in microscopic detail.

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Bird in Flight

"Bird in Flight"

Drama Queen

"Drama Queen"

Reflective Trumpets

"Reflective Trumpets"

Midnight Gathering

"Midnight Gathering"

Payne's Gray I

"Payne's Gray I"

Payne's Gray II

"Payne's Gray II"

Alstroemeria Fresco

"Alstroemeria Fresco"

Wisteria Fresco

"Wisteria Fresco"

Shadow Rushes

"Shadow Rushes"

Shadow Bamboo

"Shadow Bamboo"

Clivia I

"Clivia I"

Clivia II

"Clivia II"

Brown Pears

"Brown Pears"

Fuyu Pears

"Fuyu Pears"

Gnomons Sun

"Gnomons Sun"

Gnomons Moon

"Gnomons Moon"

Meadow Soft Callas I

"Meadow Soft Callas I"

Meadow Soft Callas II

"Meadow Soft Callas II"

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