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Micheal was born in Preston Lancashire in 1972, he loves his hometown and has lived just down the road in the small town of Garstang for all of his life. He has been painting and drawing for as long as he can remember and gains never-ending inspiration from the quiet countryside and beautiful scenery. After studying A level art at Blackpool and the Fylde College, he received a Fine Art degree from The Cumbria College of Art and Design. While his training is in traditional art, his work evolved to semi-abstract expressionist and later to pure abstract. His creative flow takes hold in abstract art where it is full of surprises. Simple shapes paired with chosen color schemes while listening to music gives Micheal hopes that viewers of his work will be uplifted and inspired as if hearing a favorite song. He uses a variety of techniques and applications including paint, airbrush, photography and digital collage. His work has been shown in galleries in the north of England and in several art fairs in Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Liverpool.

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A Tidy Mess

"A Tidy Mess"

Ice Breaker

"Ice Breaker"

In A Spin

"In A Spin"

Oceans Apart

"Oceans Apart"

Snow Train

"Snow Train"

Unfocused Mind

"Unfocused Mind"

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