Ricardo Vela's Photography Art Gallery

Ricardo Vela has developed passions in his life that have not gone unnoticed. He is an Emmy award-winning journalist who has achieved numerous recognitions for his compassionate and realistic views into people's lives. Hosting a radio show speaking as "the voice for Latinos" awarded him such recognition that the City of San Diego proclaimed him one of the 10 most influential Latinos. Ricardo brings magic touches to his artwork from the heart. He began his love for photography when he was eight years old. He found it to be a way to let his imagination run wild and his powers behind the lens became a way of discovering life. His talents are complete by his development of beautiful acrylic abstracts that relate hues, brush strokes and shapes perfectly on each canvas. Sharing his creations has been a lifelong gift and his collectors delight at a chance to peek into his world.

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Atardece (Sunset)

"Atardece (Sunset)"



Bridge to Nowhere

"Bridge to Nowhere"

Coral Poppy

"Coral Poppy"

Dancing Trees

"Dancing Trees"

Desert Crown

"Desert Crown"

Dos Palmas

"Dos Palmas"



Dunes 2

"Dunes 2"





Flying High

"Flying High"

Flying Orchid

"Flying Orchid"

Orange Poppies

"Orange Poppies"

Sunrise in the Desert

"Sunrise in the Desert"

Palm Desert

"Palm Desert"

Venice Beach

"Venice Beach"



Salmon Poppy

"Salmon Poppy"







Winter in Palm Springs

"Winter in Palm Springs"

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