Tom Griffithe's Gallery

Tom Griffithe is an art graduate of Cal State University Long Beach, California. Many years of his career were spent as a director in corporate graphic design which flavored his talents for his unique style. His work spans the range from fine art interpretations to digital enhanced stylized photography captured on canvas. Tom's personal techniques make his pieces on the border line between fiction and reality. He has won awards for his works at the Hubbard Museum of the West, New Mexico, the OC Fair, and Photographic Society of America International Salons. Tom has also been published in California Coastal Commission's "Beaches and Parks in Southern California", "Anaheim", "OC The Place" and the OC Register's "Animals". Pairing interesting subjects, vivid hues and modern day applications brings the perfect balance to each creation.

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37 Dodge

"37 Dodge"

Back Street

"Back Street"

Gone Silent

"Gone Silent"

Isle of Capri

"Isle of Capri"

Monument Valley

"Monument Valley"



Tahoe Blue

"Tahoe Blue"

Castle at Victoria Street

"Castle at Victoria Street"



Bodie Porch

"Bodie Porch"

Victoria Street Castle - Glossy

"Victoria Street Castle - Glossy"

Crystal Cove Boardwalk

"Crystal Cove Boardwalk"

Empty Benches

"Empty Benches"

Engine Room

"Engine Room"

Gear Box

"Gear Box"



Oil and Linseed

"Oil and Linseed"

Twilight Glow

"Twilight Glow"

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