The Digital Illustrations of Travis Dixon

Travis first discovered his love for art when he was only 7 years old. He was mesmerized by animation and cartoons, completely drawn into the hand-drawn worlds that were depicted on screen. He followed this fascination and allowed it to grow until it became a passion that has guided him throughout his life. He has taken quite a few classes in both art and design, and has a Bachelors in Science from the Art Institute. He still continues to take side classes at Concept Design Academy as well as pleinair (digitally painting from life) classes on a regular basis. His journey has been a good one, although sometimes it has been difficult. Working as a freelance artist isn’t the easiest career in the world and finding work can be tough when you’re competing with dozens of other talented individuals. Still, Dixon has kept at it and carved out a niche for himself and worked with numerous companies not limited to but including Vindicated Productions, Vizio, Magnetic Creative, and even Disney. He has a wide range of skills including concept, storyboarding, motion graphics, design, animation, layout, and art direction. Most of all, he simply loves the process of creating art and capturing the beauty of a place or scene. His work is more structured when he works on commissions, but when he is creating for his own pleasure he just allows the work to evolve and become whatever it is. Travis is inspired by the progression of life: the cities we build, the things weve left behind to decay by the earth, and even those things that the earth creates naturally. It makes sense then that his art would contribute frequently to telling these stories of life on screen.

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Abalone Cove

"Abalone Cove"

African Sunset

"African Sunset"

Outer Baronies

"Outer Baronies"

Charr City

"Charr City"

El Matador

"El Matador"

Road to the Enchanted Forest

"Road to the Enchanted Forest"

Sunday Afternoon

"Sunday Afternoon"

Red Woods

"Red Woods"

The Drone

"The Drone"

Tuscan Monastery

"Tuscan Monastery"

Off Duty

"Off Duty"

Lonely Island

"Lonely Island"

Malibu Pier 4:15am

"Malibu Pier 4:15am"

The Shores of Malibu

"The Shores of Malibu"

Palm Sunset

"Palm Sunset"

Midnight in Paris

"Midnight in Paris"

Pointe Vecchio

"Pointe Vecchio"





Bridge to the Golden Gates

"Bridge to the Golden Gates"

Santa Monica in 5 Steps

"Santa Monica in 5 Steps"



On the Shore

"On the Shore"

Tangerine Skies

"Tangerine Skies"

Temescal Shade

"Temescal Shade"

Golfer vs. Gofer

"Golfer vs. Gofer"

The Last Night -- Looking Out

"The Last Night -- Looking Out"

Always Pay Your Bookie

"Always Pay Your Bookie"



Cave of Light

"Cave of Light"

One Fine Wine

"One Fine Wine"

A Bridge to Yosemite

"A Bridge to Yosemite"

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